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Medical Lab. Technology Department Medical Lab. Technology Department aims at preparing professional graduates specialized in medical analyses. Marketing and private and public sectors are short of these qualified graduates. Students spend 4 years to get BSc. They study all technological equipment used in lab medical technology adopted in clinical diagnosis plus the scientific background which enables and qualifies them to follow up the latest and up-to-date scientific and technical researches and studies in the area of their specialization. That is, the students study various curricula and methodology in chemistry since it is the core of the medical lab., physiology, microbiology, parasitology, pathology, immunology and the supporting scientific branches which actively participate in preparing qualified graduates. The college is supplied with a variety of lab equipment starring with simple ones and ending with complicated ones which the students will use in future. These emphasize the significance of the theoretical part and the scientific lab which is considered an essential part of the technical education since students practice that in the labs under the supervision of qualified doctors to guarantee the quality performance


Vision of Department


Medical Lab. Technology Department is considered one of the important departments in the Medical group it has a vital role in preparing qualifies cadre in the area of Medical Lab. Technology Department to work in the labs of ministry of Health and private sectors. In addition, the department has undeniable role in supporting the scientific and research domain through investing teaching staff members in enriching the scientific researches


Mission of Department


 Medical Lab. Technology Department was established depending on the basic foundation of the Dep., so as to improve the scientific development which has a vivid role in diagnosis and remedy of any clinical diagnosis. It also tries to open new horizons of knowledge and pedagogy to create useful linking and correlation with counterpart department so as to accomplish the diagnosis task in order to get the accuracy and speed in the clinical diagnosis. In addition to adopt up-to-date research findings and to get benefit from them in the sectors concerned to serve the society in general


Objectives of the department


The Dept. aims at preparing professional graduate cadre specialized in medical lab technology plus be familiar with different types of lab tests so that our graduates after 4 years of studying to work in private and public sector

Our specialized cadres will be capable to carry our clinical diagnosis depending on results of clinical analysis. Accordingly, our graduates can be familiar with scientific and technical progress

Clinical diagnosis will be accomplished through cooperation with other medical branches and departme

Providing the local marketing with qualified and experienced graduates in the area of general medicine and labs in particular

The emphasis on seriousness and accuracy in checking, testing and working to get sound results of tests which are useful for medical diagnosis of cases so as to find the fast remed 

The active participation in the scientific researches through making use of department labs in helping staff members and experts to meet the requirement of scientific researches

















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