The Department of Dentistry was updated at Al-Nour College in 9/10/2017. One of the most important goals is to graduate a generation of dentists that are armed with science and knowledge and able to provide the best treatment services to society according to the latest modern science in the techniques. The duration of the study in this section is afive years of study in which students receive a number of basic medical sciences in the first three stages as well as some important subjects through theoretical lectures offered in laboratories equipped with the latest scientific devices developed, While the student spends the last two years to study all specialties related to dentistry such as dental treatment, dental industry, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, gums and other diseases; Whereas the study is theoretical as well as practical where students apply the disease directly in the dental educational hospital, which is intended for the purpose of teaching students and to provide the best treatment services developed and free for members of society. Upon graduating, the student is awarded a bachelor's degree in oral and dental medicine and surgery. Therefore, the student will be armed with science and knowledge, practical training to serve the community in the best possible way


Department vision


 The department aspires to graduate a group of competent and distinguished dentist to task their active role in treating patients with various specialties of dentists at the level of the country. Dentistry college will prepare qualified dentists with high skills in offering the best medical services for Iraqi society through the distinguished specialized dentist depending on the profeesionaland humanitarian treatment


Objectives of the Department


 Department of Dentistry aims at creating a gate of knowledge and in the area of mouth and teeth hygiene and to be a centre for medical study based on high criteria of educational out comes which motivate teaching staff members and students to be distinguished and creative through international conferences held in the department and to be attended by bright dentists from Arab and world countries plus holding medical and scientific workshops which shed light on up-to-date progress in the field of dentistry and inviting famous professors dentists to enrich the knowledge of out staff members and students which the latest technical and technological development in the world of medical dentistry







Asst.Prof.Dr. Moataz Ghazi Saadallah                    uploads/CV/dentistry/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 8.pdf *

Asst.Prof.Dr.Nawfal abdul malek abdul fatah          uploads/CV/dentistry/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 4.pdf *

Prof.Dr. Nazar Ghanem Jameel Shukur                 uploads/CV/dentistry/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 3.pdf *

 Asst.Prof. Abbas Fathil Hussein Altaee                uploads/CV/dentistry/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 6.pdf *

Ass.Prof. Manar Younis Abdul-Qadir                  uploads/CV/dentistry/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 9.pdf *

Asst.Lecturer Eman Ramzi Mohammed Ghazal     uploads/CV/dentistry/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 1.pdf *

Asst.Lecturer Bassam Taha Khaleel                   uploads/CV/dentistry/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 2.pdf *

 Asst.Lecturer Zeena Dhubyan Mohammed Al-Taei     uploads/CV/dentistry/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 5.pdf *

Asst.Lecturer  Mohammed Ismael  Yousef           uploads/CV/dentistry/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 7.pdf *

Asst.Lecturer Shaher Ali Younus                       uploads/CV/dentistry/Curriculum Vitae .pdf *


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