English Language Department


Brief description department


The department established in 2013 aims to choose the best modern ways of study to supply the directorates of education with staffs with high efficiency who can serve the nation and also to improve the teaching staff performance to improve the students' skills in language fields. The aim is also to provide the society with well-trained teaching staff members who has been well- trained with modern language teaching methods


Vision of the department


The English department is established at Al-Nour university college. It offers a B.A in English Language. The strategy of department keeps up with development of English teaching as global language and the language of science. The department regularly reviews the contents of all teaching materials in order to keep up with modern teaching methods, As well as the program offered meets all the standards of high-quality education

Message of the department


The English department teaches the student modern English language and teaching methods. Students of department are learning grammar and arts throughout four stages, as they are studying all grammar branches, pronunciation, Essay, All literature sections and look forward to teaching method of English language


Purposes of the departmen


 This department targets to prepare graduates who have bachelor degree in English language to be teachers of intermediate and preparatory schools they practiced of the English language teaching to work in public and private aspect. The department gives the bachelor degree in English and its literature. Actually, the university provides the department with labs which are used for educational purposes


The Department of English has conducted several activities of which


 Theatrical representation and the screening of short films 

The Students are doing to recite poems in Arabic and English

Drawing paintings of English literary figures, making educational bulletins, writing words and proverbs of English

Show educational video clips

Translation of articles, poems, and short stories

Presenting educational posters deals with speaking and pronunciation among humans




 Asst.prof.Dr. youssifhamdifathi Ahmed                     uploads/CV/English/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 9.pdf *

 Asst.prof.Dr.Nabeel A. Ali                                       uploads/CV/English/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 7.pdf *

Prof.Dr. Muyassar kasim Al-khashab                       uploads/CV/English/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 6.pdf *

 Prof.Dr.WaadullahYounis Mohammed                        uploads/CV/English/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 8.pdf*

Prof.Dr.Haidar Mahmood Abdulrazaq                        uploads/CV/English/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 5.pdf*

Asst.Lecturer  Mahmood Faiz mahmood                   uploads/CV/English/Curriculum Vitae.pdf*

Asst.Lecturer Salah Yaseen Rasheed Abdullah          uploads/CV/English/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 1.pdf*

Asst.Lecturer  Manhal Ibrahim Abdullah                   uploads/CV/English/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 2.pdf*

Asst.Lecturer Ahmed AdeepKanbarShihab               uploads/CV/English/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 3.pdf*

Asst.Lecturer Mohanad Abdulkareem waad              uploads/CV/English/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 4.pdf*

Asst.Lecturer Rand Zuheir Younis                          uploads/CV/English/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 10.pdf*


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