Physical Education Department

A brief Description


 The physical education Dept. Founded in 26/5/2013 according to the ministerial order GH/2677 issued by the ministry of Higher Education and scientific research. 249 students registered in the first year. Then, the department transferred to Al- shekhan district as aresult of ISIS control on Bartilla district. The number of enrolled students reduced to (19) and the number of the graduates in the 4th year has become (109). The Physical Education Dept. turned back to Bartilla after the libration of Mosul. During the studding year 2017-2018, (130) students enrolled after the return of many of displaced and liberated students. Thirty six students graduated last year. (81) students nowadays are registered in the first and second stages. Some students are waiting the new studying year (2018-2019) to register in this department


Vision of the department


 The physical education department peruses the aims of creativity, distinction, pioneering and sharing the efforts of building a sound education system. Also, to prepare and quality a generation that is scientifically and physically educated


Message of the Department


To provide students with academic, educational, social and moral qualification to lead and develop his society *

Spreading knowledge and modern scientific techniques in different fields of physical education *

Developing the students skills through the process of scientific research to build the true pillars of physical scientificeducatio  


Objectives of the Department


 Preparing qualified graduates to manage the different physical activities and to practice the teaching in the department     not only in the intermediate and predatory schools, but also including post- graduate studies

Achieving the scientific research in different fields of study

Reacting with other counter part and physical education communities, nationally and internationally to establish common working pillars in scientific researches and other activities 


The Main Achievements of the Department


 Establishing amodern closed stadium to practice different activities

Arranging the department championships in different fields of the study

Presenting many scout activities related to the scout Room of the physical education department

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