Department of Law

A brief description of this department


 The department of law was founded in 2013 according to the statement of the ministry of higher education and scientific research No.2077IE in 26/5/2013. The number of students applied in this department was about (242) students in (2013-2014). After the occupation of the city of Mosul by ISIS, the department changed its place to (Shaikahn) town. The number of graduated students was (190). Then the department came back to Bartilla and continued registering students


Vision of the Department


 The department of law aims at creativity, distinction and seeks to combine between originality and modernization through spreading the law of education that supports justice achievement and the suitable preparation of qualified graduates to fulfill future positions. By the way, this vision is achieved through theoretical and practical study of one of the theories of law


Message of the Department


First: To quality the student law fully, socially and morally and supports him to lead his society and defend peoples rights. Second: to provide students with modern knowledge in different legal specialization

Third: to develop student skills through the process of scientific skill and researches to prepare a legal generation armed with legal education that serves the society


Targets of the department


 First: Preparing qualified generation of graduates capable of working in Iraqi courts and practice the job as lawyers. Also, to create a generation of excellent officers defending the oppressed people

Second: preparing annual scientific conferences to serve the society in the legal field

Third: coordinating with counterpart colleges and NGOs to spread the legal education through meetings, seminars and field visits

Fourth: Reacting with the updated legal issues through modern techniques and virtual librari

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