Department of Arabic

A Brief Description


The Department of Arabic is one of the earliest departments at Al-Noor University College. It was established in 2013-2014. Teaching at this college is the same as teaching at the College of education. In Iraq, students spend four years studying Arabic grammar and literature for the graduates to be qualified to teach Arabic at intermediate and secondary schools. Hence, a connection between the contemporary and ancient Arabic is established in addition to studying Arabic literature and its heritage at those glorious times




The first aim of the Department of Arabic at Al-Noor University College is to graduate well qualified teachers armed with linguistic and literal knowledge to serve society and to develop education and learning in all levels of study




The department tries to strengthen the talent of innovation to those studying Arabic. Its use is not limited to the purposes of communication, but also to create a generation full of talents like those in other languages of the world




The Department of Arabic seeks to prepare scientifically and culturally qualified generation. Such a generation will be an extension to the heritage of the nation, setting their minds on the task of advancing the writing and speaking skills of the language. All this endeavor is for Arabic to be promoted a leading position among other languages. Since language is a means of communication, so language should, as well as the mind, be renewed to be able to transfer and develop new ideas

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