The Dean's Speech





The colleges in private university are similar to these in governmental ones. Both colleges achieve the same aims and their missions and certificates are truly similar but there is one aspect in which they are different is that private university colleges are built to give a chance to those who missed studding in governmental higher teaching colleges. Without private college the students cannot get any place in any private colleges. Al-Noor University is one of these private college which was built to permit student in different specializations like medicine colleges which qualify students to be employed centrally like other students in the governmental colleges. There are humanitary specializations which qualify students to be able to participate in production, management and all fields of work. Generally speaking, Al-Noor college was established five years ago. This is a good chance to prove its scientific chievements by issuing the first college guide. We hope from Allah to help us to present this guide in a gold way


Prof. Dr. Yaseen Taha Al-Hajjar

(The Dean of Alnoor University College (by Proxy


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