Branch of Warranty and Quality

Indeed, this department is concerned with all the college's works because it acts well to realize the deanery purposes of following and executing the necessary plans for developing the departments. It deals of how to get brilliant academic level and how to sustain the tasks of the college in general to harvest national and international results. Finally, this department encourages highly the culture of warranty and quality in progressive way inside AL-Noor Society




The department of quality assurance and academic reliance seeks to achieve excellence, leadership and constant improvement for college staff. These can be done by establishing the principles and concepts of total quality and achieving learning development by following valid, developed and modern means


The Message


The department of quality assurance of education and academic reliance is keen to implement quality standards and university performance for college staff. Also, following the principles of total quality management (TQM) and International standards (A.S.O) and following modern technical means. These can go with speedy development in the field of education and reinforces the communication channels among the teaching staff to exchange information and developing the scientific activities according to a better technical scientific system which is based on the plans of the college




Establishing learning environments through applying quality assurance and reliance

Preparing a database to evaluate the staff to evaluate the staff according to evaluation form

Engaging the staff in the field of education through a variety of activities and encouraging the process of scientific research and the participation in conferences, sessions, festivals and workshops

Encouraging to use the modern methods of teaching to raise students levels

Spreading the culture of technical education quality and academic reliance to get the international reliance I.S.O

Developing the college staff in accordance with technical education quality

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