Registering Branch and Students Affairs

 This branch started its business since 2013-2014 where every thing is related to receiving, registering students and accepting them. Actually this branch continued well. About 662 male and female students were accepted at that time, and were distributed to many different departments: (Law, English, Arabic, and Physical, morning and evening studies of first grade). We soon found asolution for our students after their migration to different Iraqi provinces north and south of it. Therefore, they ended their final year Examination  2013-2014



Co-Operative process with official

Universities appreciated this by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Private Teaching. In 2014-2015, the Formal study continued in the Al-Noor College in replaced building at Al-Sheikhan province. About (173) students were accepted to be distributed in all department. The study thus has been continued in this building for two years fill the liberation of Nenevah Governorate. After the liberation of all Nenevah parts including Bertla province, the new building was completely prepared and students were accepted for the year 2017-2018. Here, New Scientific departments were opened (Dentistry morning study), Pathology morning and evening study, Pathology is considered one of the departments of the Technic of Medicine. In this respect, six hundred and ninty tow students- male and female were accepted. This department continues successfully its work. Registering branch and Student's Affairs is now ready to present all logistic requirements, Teaching Staff, and Cadres to receive successfully the 2018-2019 students in Al- Noor College area. It should be mentioned that new departments will be opened as: (Pharmacy, Radiology, Anaesthetic, Dental Manufacturing and Optic



Duties of the Registering and Students Affairs


First: receiving and registering the new students according to the official regulations of the office of the Higher Education- private teaching

Second: Establishing special data files for students

Third: Giving all the scientific and human departments patterns of the administrative regulations including the lists of the new accepted students yearly

Forth: Following accurately all the concerned business such as delaying-expelling failure- transfer- supplementary accepted students in the college

Fifth: Checking school certificated electronically through the Ministry's electronic location

Sixth: Putting students files in electronic archives

Seventh: Giving appreciated signs for students continual study and other certificates proving their graduation

Eighth: Checking also the school certificates in authentic way especially for those who come from secondary schools to our college

Ninth: Solving the problems that may face students co-operatively with the deanery

Tenth: Checking and supervising the students Restaurant to present better service


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