Management Affair Section

Management affair section is regarded as one of the most important sections in Al-Noor University College which is associated directly to the dean. It includes excellent well-trained employees. It is regarded as one of the basic administrative sections in the college and the first episode, out of which all the administrative and legal procedures are started regarding employing and the procedures which follow it during their existence in the establishment. Furthermore, to print and issue letters and instructions which determine the boundaries of work and transfer decisions and instructions to the staff


The Tasks


First: Administrating human resources affairs in the College

Second: Organizing and functionalizing personal files, and preparing full data of the permanent and temporary staff

Third: Enriching statistical tables concerning the staff and renew them

Fourth: Checking times of the staff working (their sick and traditional leaves through finger print system and other archives according to College's regulations

Fifth: Checking the procedures of lawful affairs of procedures of the College in other formal and non-formal institutions and courts

Sixth: Establishing electronic archives for personal files and for out and in mails and for general keeping

Seventh: Printing the address, the administrative orders which are dispatched of the college. Organizing also other works among the units and other departments in simple technique

Eighth: Helping and Sustaining all other departments to facilitate the college business

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