The Department of Technical optics

The view behind building this department


The basic role of individual is to interact with his society and that is by looking clearly and adequately for creation and invocation. Every one should take his role adequately in the society's, as to meet the needs and develop his abilities to serve it. In this case, technical optics should take his role and influence the whole society


The message of the department 


This message is to help and cure those having eye-weakness as well as to create qualified and brilliant cadres the message infact is to decrease the harms of people as well as to treat the incorrectness in the society


The Aim of the department


The main aim of Technical optics is to prepare scientific teaching staff having the ability to innovate and work in different spheres as the correctness of sight and show the limit of degree of sight, as well as repairing the cross-eyed people, suggesting eye-lenses and finally can make alternatives










 Asst.Prof.Dr. Ismail Khalaf Abbas     uploads/CV/optics/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 3.pdf *

Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Ahmed Abdullah Hussein Al-Hussein   uploads/CV/optics/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 1.pdf *

Asst.Dr.Israa Abdul-Jabbar Himmadi Al-Obaydi    uploads/CV/optics/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 2.pdf *

Asst.Dr.Zinah Ahmed Mohammed    uploads/CV/optics/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 4.pdf *

 Asst.Dr. Walaa Abdulwahid Abdulazeez Aljawadi   uploads/CV/optics/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 5.pdf *

Asst.Lecturer Imtithal Ali Mohammed   uploads/CV/optics/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 6.pdf *


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