Department of Dental Industry

: In the department of dental industry, the study started in 2018/2019 by the admission of the first group. This department aims at training and preparing scientifically qualified medical cadres to comprehend and manage the technicalities in the field of dental industry and to be creative in it after a four-year preliminary study after which the students graduate to specialize as dental technicians


Department Vision


God created man in a perfect shape, and it is well- known that human teeth reflect the harmony of his shape, and due to aging and carelessness, they tend to decay. Hence, the need for alternative artificial dental appliances. As such, the establishing of this scientific field stems from those needs


Department Message


Today, the dental industry lies in the modern field of scientific discoveries and accordingly, the department seeks to make use of these discoveries by training specialized cadres to acieve and improve this mission


Departmental Objectives


One of the important aims of the dental industry is to draw smile on the face of those who lost it as well as empowering him to overcome shyness and to provide him with efficient dental appliances matching the ones he lost to strengthen the elements of health preservation











 Dental Industry Department 


Prof.Dr. Farah Qahtan Younis Al-Samarraie uploads/CV/Dental Industry/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 3.pdf *

Prof.Dr. Hiba  Nawaf  Ahmed uploads/CV/Dental Industry/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 4.pdf *

Asst.Lecturer  Raad Abdlhamid Abdlgani uploads/CV/Dental Industry/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 1.pdf *

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Asst.Lecturer  Ali Zeinulabdeen Abdulrazzaq Alfakhry uploads/CV/Dental Industry/Curriculum Vitae .pdf *


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