Anesthesia Technology

 Department Vision


The department vision is based on the actual needs of the health sector to anesthetic cadres operating in such vital specialty and to achieve the required sufficiency and balanced between surgents and anesthesiologists


Departmental Mission


The anesthetic cadres are responsible for fifty percent of the tasks required from the medical cadres to safeguard patients' lives, since they are responsible for providing the safest surgical practices. As well as the necessity for the anesthesiologist to identify the patient's medical condition, and accordingly measure the appropriate dosage


Departmental Objectives


To provide specialized cadres to work in the fields of anesthetic techniques and intensive care in surgery room and intensive care units
















Anesthesiology Department


 Asst.Prof.Dr. SAJIDA SHAREEF HUSSEIN Ali Zko uploads/CV/ANESTHESIA/Curriculum Vitae .pdf *

   Asst.Prof.Dr. Abdul-Ghany M.Al-Daher uploads/CV/ANESTHESIA/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 1.pdf *

Asst.Dr. Saja Esmaeel Khaleel  uploads/CV/ANESTHESIA/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 2.pdf *

 Asst.Lecturer Asmaa Jamal Abd Al-wahed Al-lella uploads/CV/ANESTHESIA/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 3.pdf *

 Asst.Lecturer Entesar Ahmed Sulliman uploads/CV/ANESTHESIA/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 4.pdf *

 Asst.Lecturer Zahraa Khazal Hamdoon Abd uploads/CV/ANESTHESIA/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 5.pdf *

Asst.Lecturer Shaimaa Abdullah Ahmed Madeed uploads/CV/ANESTHESIA/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 7.pdf *

Asst.Lecturer Elaf Mohammed jasim Alsammarraie uploads/CV/ANESTHESIA/Curriculum Vitae - Copy 8.pdf *


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