Department Vision


To train and prepare empowered human potentials having the highest levels of knowledge, pharmaceutical and medical skills. That in turn enables the efficient, effective and safe use and prescription of medication. As well as developing the best practices of drug manufacturing and the various modern methods of supplying and dispersing them through the available legal channels


Departmental Mission


To train professional, high- skilled and well- qualified pharmacists to offer the society the best pharmaceutical services through the graduated personal and guarantee professional and humanitarian attitudes


Departmental Objectives


The department of pharmacy aims at preparing scientifically and practically well-qualified pharmaceutical cadre to be dispersed through out the country leading to the improvement of pharmaceutical and health services of the society achieving the safety and wellness of the individual and society

To hold scientific activities like conferences, lectures and scientific research which improve the students' expertise co- operating and coordinating with the relevant institutes

To improve teachers' skills and their scientific achievements by providing the best conditions to conduct scientific researches and to participate effectively with in post- graduate studies, sessions, conferences and symposiums

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