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AL- Noor University College Guide

AL- Noor University College was founded in 2013 in Ninevah, as anew academic establishment added to the governmental universities, carrying their message and following their criteria. It also presents a chance for the students especially those who didn’t find a chance in the governmental universities. The college currently contains ten departments which are

departments of law *

 English *

 Physical Education *

 Dentistry *

 Medical Lab Technology *

 Pharmacy *

Dental industry *

Optics Technology *

 Radiology Technology and Anesthesia *

 The college contains a staff of lectures having higher certificates and wide experiences in the academic fields in addition to an efficient adminis and technical staff. The college is provided with a lot of labs furnished with the most modern devices and teaching aids as well as classrooms for the theoretical lectures in addition to the students hostel. The college aims to achieve the goals of the Ministry of Higher Education in Iraq in its three main aspects which are preparing the students scientifically to occupy and lead management, labor, and production fields. In addition to support the scientific research through encouraging the teaching staff to prepare scientific activities like seminars, conferences, participation in scientific activities, and research publishing in professional magazines. Finally, serving the community and meeting its needs and directing the researches to diagnose and solve the problems in relation to the college specialty


The Teaching System


The teaching system in Al-Noor University College follows the instruction of the Ministry of Higher Education in Iraq. Hence the students join the college according to the same procedure in governmental universities. So the students should have the high school certificate to get admission in the college. The duration of study in the college is five years for Dentistry and Pharmacy departments, and four years for the other departments, hence the students will get a bachelor degree in their specialty when the pass the final year for morning and evening classes




Preparing the students scientifically and developing their practical skills to be able to meet labour and production demands, in order to elevate and develop the society through permanent providing of efficient staffs




 Firstly: meeting society needs for specialites, and determining labour market through questionnaires, scans, and field readings

Secondly: providing labs furnished with the most modern scientific devices according to the demanded standards and preparing a suitable environment for the students

Thirdly: training the students to use the developed and modern devices and familiarizing them to the new discoveries and techniques in their fields




 Firstly: the college aims to achieve higher education goals by preparing the students to be able to occupy their positions in management, labour and production sectors


Secondly: providing the students by the most modern information and discoveries in their fields



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